Living in KL

UPM, being situated only 22km outside of Kuala Lumpur is close to the heartbeat of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur, sometimes abbreviated K.L, is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur has a tropical rainforest climate which is warm and sunny, along with abundant rainfall, especially during the northeast monsoon season from October to March. Temperatures tend to remain constant. Maximums hover between 31 and 33 °C (88 and 91 °F) and have never exceeded 39.3 °C (102.7 °F), while minimums hover between 22 and 23.5 °C (72 and 74 °F) and have never fallen below 14.4 °C (57.9 °F). Kuala Lumpur typically receives minimum 2,600 mm (100 in) of rain annually; June and July are relatively dry, but even then rainfall typically exceeds 127 millimetres (5.0 in) per month.

Unlike most other Asian cities, driving is the main mode of commuting in Kuala Lumpur. Getting around Kuala Lumpur without a car can be facilitated with an extensive public transport system with trains and buses. Visit the MyRapid Public Transport Portal

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