How to Apply

To be accepted as a student at the Genetics & Regenerative Medicine Research Centre, you must complete two application phases:

1. Application to GRMRC

All prospective students first need to identify their preferred student research project from our vacancies, discuss it with the prospective supervisor at GRMRC and reach an agreement with them.

You then need to provide:

  1. your curriculum vitae
  2. a cover letter outlining your research interests
  3. a copy of your academic transcripts

Your application should be sent to the prospective supervisor. A panel of 2-3 lecturers will interview all prospective students before an acceptance is offered. Successful candidates will be invited to apply officially to Universiti Putra Malaysia School of Graduate Studies (see phase 2).

2. Application to Universiti Putra Malaysia

Applications for graduate studies are handled by Universiti Putra Malaysia School of Graduate Studies. After consultation with the prospective supervisor, all prospective students need to lodge an application online via the Universiti Putra Malaysia School of Graduate Studies portal. There are instructions for:

  • current local and international UPM students
  • local non-UPM applicants
  • international non-UPM Applicants

Once you have submitted your applications to Universiti Putra Malaysia, the School of Graduate Studies will notify you regarding the outcome of your application.