The Genetics & Regenerative Medicine Research Centre (GRMRC) is affiliated with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) with a focus on genetics and regenerative medicine research. Along with our research, we provide educational programmes for advanced graduate studies.

The core foundation of the centre can be summed up as follows;


To become a centre of international repute for Genetics Medicine as well as Regenerative Medicine Research.


To perform high quality medical genetics and regenerative medicine research towards sustainable human capital building and universal dissemination of scientific discoveries in order to improve the quality of life of human beings.


  • To uplift the importance of genetics and regenerative medicine in medicine.
  • To attract outstanding students to pursue their postgraduate studies in medical genetics and regenerative medicine.
  • To train and produce knowledgeable and competitive postgraduates in medical genetics and regenerative medicine.
  • To strengthen fundamental research as the core for translational research to improve genetic diagnosis and regenerative therapy based on improved understanding on underlying mechanisms for the onset, progression and inheritance of genetic disorders.
  • To extend not only National but also International research collaboration within Genetics and Regenerative Medicine.