Stem Cells Research Laboratory

Stem Cell Research Laboratory (SCRL) at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) was established in 2007 upon approval by the top management of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences to convert a Clinical Research Laboratory into the SCRL.  This laboratory began its operations in mid-2008 after undergoing several renovations to ensure its operation in a more conducive environment suitable for stem cell work. At its early establishment, SCRL was designated under the purview of the Deputy Dean’s office for Research and Graduate Studies, previously led by Prof Rozita Rosli.  The SCRL was initially managed by the Stem Cell Research Group, led by Dr. Norshariza Nordin. The Stem Cell Research Group was one of the research niche areas at the Faculty.

Currently, SCRL is under the management of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and is one of the GRMRC’s laboratories. The laboratory is fully equipped with standard facilities and dedicated rooms specifically designed for stem cell research. The laboratory is also equipped with high-end facilities such as FACSAriaIII and  inverted fluorescence microscope with camera. SCRL currently houses more than 15 post graduates supervised by five active principal investigators (PIs) from the Regenerative Medicine Research Group, headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rajesh Ramasamy. Dr. Mok Pooi Ling is currently the coordinator for SCRL.

This laboratory is formed for the dedicated scientists from various interdisciplinary fields who are interested in stem cell research. The establishment of SCRL is hoped to be the centre of stem cell research at the faculty, as well at the national and international levels.


Level 7, Laboratory Block D
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Organizational Structure

Lab Manager: Mok Pooi Ling (Rachel)

Lab Staff: Izarul Hakim bin Rahmad